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Some writing from this week

Some writing from this week

Year 1 and 2 began to write their version of The Ginger Bread Man this week. Here are some examples of writing in Y1/2:


A long time ago thare lived an old woman and an old man. The old woman desighded to make a delicious gingerbread man. She put buttons for his eyes then she cooked the gingerbread man. She wayted for one minit then she had a nap. Then she wowk up the gingerbread man was ready she opened the oven then he ran away.


Once upon a time there live a old woman and a old man. They decided to make a crunchy gingerbread man. Then she put the delicious crunchy gingerbread man in the oven. The lonely woman had no children and thats why she made a gingerbread man. She sat down and waited for half an hour. After an hour she opened the oven and at last the gingerbread man in a great speed ran off and the old woman and old man chased the gingerbread man. But the couldn’t catch him. The cheeky gingerbread man said “Run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.”


Once a long time ago there lived a old woman. She decided to make a gingerbread man who was delicious. After one hour, she tost open the lid and sudenley the man was out off the window and in a dash he was gone. “Run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.”

French day

French day

Year 1/2 had a brilliant French day on Thursday. We had a very busy day! During maths, Year 1 created a pictogram which represented our favourite colours in French and Year 2 did some problem solving using French colours. We also went to the French cafe, read the story ‘Le Petit Chaperon Rouge and even did some writing in French! To finish off our day, we made our own little red riding hoods and had a fantastic assembly.

Thank you to all of the parents who came to support the children. We were very proud of their learning. Here are some photos incase you missed it!

French day on PhotoPeach

Year 2 problem solving

Year 2 problem solving

Most Fridays, Year 2 do some problem solving during their maths lesson. This weeks problem was:

‘Mrs Kay has 12 sweets and Mrs Arrevillagas has 14. How many do they have altogether?’

The children investigated and solved the problem using lots of different apparatus and methods.

Here are some pictures of the children investigating!

Problem solving on PhotoPeach